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Conquering the Downpours: Moving Hacks for the Rainy Season - Apical Movers Kenya

Conquering the Downpours: Moving Hacks for the Rainy Season

The rainy season shouldn’t dampen your moving spirits! With extra planning and clever hacks, you can ensure your relocation goes smoothly. Here’s how to prepare for your move this rainy season

1. Schedule Smartly: If possible, try rescheduling your move to a drier day. Check the weather forecast well in advance and be flexible with your moving date.

2. Packing Protectors: Invest in high-quality packing materials. Opt for waterproof boxes, plastic wraps, and furniture covers to shield your belongings from moisture damage.

3. Strategic Loading: When loading and unloading, prioritize covered areas. Garages, carports, or even large tents can provide temporary protection. If covered spaces are limited, use tarps to create a barrier against the rain.

4. Flooring Finesse: Lay down towels or non-slip mats at entryways and frequently used paths to prevent slips and falls due to wet floors.

5. Hire Professional Movers: If you are worried about the logistics of Moving in the rain you should hire the best movers to handle it.

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6. Communication is Key: Keep your movers informed about the weather conditions. Discuss contingency plans in case of downpours on a moving day. This will allow them to adjust their approach and ensure everyone’s safety.
By following these tips, you can ensure your move succeeds, rain or shine!

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